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The Legacy Experience was created in 2017. I created the company to begin a dialogue with under served and traditional communities about money management and estate planning. My message focuses on changing our perception towards money so that individuals and families can make decisions that will assist with their retirement and estate planning objectives.



Speaking Engagements

Donna is a popular speaker in Kansas City, Missouri and beyond. Her credits include recurring guest appearances on KKFI – 90.1AM radio, and various Women’s Conferences throughout the country.

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Estate Planning Resources

As an extension of my social media presence, I will provide estate planning resources including podcasts, state bar resources, and interviews addressing financial literacy, estate planning, and tools for building generational wealth.

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My Memoir – My Legacy Experience

My Legacy Experience documents my personal experience with administering my mother’s estate. In 2017, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. During her illness I learned several lessons that I want to share with my clients and a broader audience.

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This hashtag was created to encourage individuals and families. Behaviors about money, finances, savings, and legacy planning can be modified and changed at any point in time.
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