I know you are excited about beginning the new decade. Social media is replete with posts and memes about the new year. I’ve noticed several posts about obtaining 20/20 vision in this year, an expected play on the decade’s name and number. You are probably busy identifying and outlining goals. Your enthusiasm is not lost on me. I get it. You want to move ahead. But in order to SUCCESSFULLY move ahead with your financial goals, you have to have a clear understanding of where you are.

Challenge yourself to take a complete inventory of your finances during the month of January. You should identify every bank account, real estate holding, business interest, stock investment, etc you have and their current market value.

Once you’ve quantified your assets, begin identifying your debts. Don’t forget to include your holiday expenses. (Yikes!). Keep this comprehensive list in a central place.

Use the snow days that may occur this month to compile this information.

In February we will set goals based on your January assessments.