Five years ago, I developed an idea to build a business. I developed a business plan based on the service I wanted to provide. While I wanted to work as an estate planning attorney, it was also important for me to share and sow into my community in a meaningful way. I had such a positive experience administering my mother’s estate, so I wanted to share the process, timeline, and what to expect with others. I knew that if I wrote a book, participated in speaking engagements, and created a podcast, I could reach a broad audience.

Initially, I invested my own money into this endeavor. I never considered there were grants or other initiatives available to support my goals and dreams. Municipalities, corporations, and individuals love supporting budding entrepreneurs like me fulfill their dreams and aspirations, especially when their goals, core values and priorities align. Who knew?

There are grants available for you to pursue. It takes work identifying opportunities, but the reward outweighs the effort. If you have not listened to my podcast on grant writing, tune in to Season 2, Episodes 2 and 3 of My Legacy Experience, The Podcast. Get ready to take notes. There are a ton of takeaways in the episodes. Your skillset may be a great match for an existing call for proposal.